“We are very good at shaming the likes of Donald Sterling or Clive Bundy when they say overtly racist things, but we’re not very good at confronting the deeper structural racism that we, ourselves, inhabit. We have changed the language, but have we fixed our culture? Or did we just hide our society’s most odious assumptions under the rug of political correctness? And will it be easier, or more difficult, to conquer racism’s legacy in a country that’s so unwilling to even admit its own ugly biases?”

Read the rest at AlterNet. “Yes, All White People Are Racists — Now Let’s Do Something About It




One thought on ““Yes, All White People Are Racists” | AlterNet

  1. All White People are Racist ?? Would you please get off of your liberal high horse pedestal already. White America is truly sick of this divisional rhetoric that they have been enduring for over 6 years now. “RACIST” white America elected a Black President, Barrack Obama. “RACIST” white America spends billions of their hard earned dollars in the Black Entertainment industry. “RACIST” white Americans DIED by the hundreds of thousands to free Black American’s in the civil war and as abolitionists to help free the slaves in the 1860’s. “RACIST” white Americans marched hand in hand with Black Americans, many times RISKING their own lives, literally, in their struggle for civil rights in the 1960’s. When have YOU risked your life in the cause for Black Civil rights ?? “RACIST” white Americans are marrying and having children with Black Americans by the MILLIONS !! Please study American history Sir. So much for RACIST white America, I believe that was just put to rest. If this were a trial your case would have been just laughed out of court by the evidence just presented. Please correct me if I am wrong, but I know of no group in World history that has tried to do more for another group of people or to try to right the wrongs that it clearly did to another group. So much for racism. I have just 2 questions for you Sir, how much did they pay you to write that article, and do you really believe that all white people are racist ? If you truly do, then how come you are not over in Africa as we speak working in the peace corps to help this terrible cause that you really believe in ?? Huh ?? Why NOT ?? You really believe all WHITE people are racists don’t you ? And that would include yourself as well, n’est pas ? Or do you falsely and hypocritically believe that writing this hit piece gives you a free pass and makes you better than the rest of us racist white folk here in America ?? You are at best a paid hack for corporate America and a useful idiot to the New World Order, and their agenda of trying to divide and conquer America, a tactic perfected by the Romans (Again, please educate yourself and study Geo-Politics and World History) and at worst a huge hypocrite and a LIAR to yourself, the VERY worst kind, and either way Sir, America does not NEED YOUR KIND anymore. Good day to you Sir !!

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