“A little after noon, the crowd embarked from Battery Park, heading for the famous bull statue near Wall Street. I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect from #FloodWallStreet after the “People’s Climate March” the prior day, but I knew that a lot of people were planning to get arrested on Wall Street as an act of civil disobedience, a decision that could lead to considerable chaos, considering the New York Police force’s contentious relationship with the Occupy crowd. I felt that I should be there.

“One of the most common critiques of the Occupy movement — from both the left and the right — was its unwillingness (or inability) to issue coherent demands. Indeed, beyond David Graeber’s coinage of the terms for our society’s increasingly stratified economy — the ’99 percent’ and the ‘1 percent’ — Occupy might easily have come and gone without any clear slogan or idea to influence the popular consciousness. So I was excited and gratified to see that #FloodWallStreet adopted a clear and coherent demand, printed clearly on the bright blue t-shirts that protesters wore: ‘Stop Funding Fossils.'”

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