black lives matter

“Those white voices that complain about recent protests because they’ve disrupted traffic or caused property damage display their privilege most baldly. What better way to telegraph one’s total disregard for black life than worrying more about heavy traffic than the unpunished murder of a young black child? And asking the oppressed to wait patiently and peacefully for equality to arrive denies equality its very value. It also ignores the real history of racial progress in America. This really shouldn’t need to be explained.

But it very clearly does need to be explained, and it’s time for white people who care about these issues — “advocates” and “allies” — to take on this mantle. After all, detailing the plight faced by black America by hostile whites is pretty damn easy, especially when compared with the weary task of living under the Damoclean Sword of our racist, carceral state.”

Read the rest at AlterNet. “White Liberals Cannot Hide From Racism Any Longer