One presence before creation.
Completely silent, completely still.
Always becoming and always being.
Always in motion and always at rest.
I do not know it’s name, though I follow it.
Forced to give name to the nameless,
I call it:
“The greatness of all things,”
“The end of all endings.”
I call it:
“That which is beyond the beyond,”
“That to which heaven and earth return.”

Perhaps I should call it, “The Full Way of Life,”
Since fullness implies a widening into space,
Implies still further widening,
Implies widening until the circle is full.
In this way, the Way is fulfilled,
Heaven is fulfilled,
Earth fulfilled,
And the smart man, also fulfilled.

This is the path the universe travels,
And the smart man follows this path, too:
Man, rounding the way of earth;
Earth, rounding the way of heaven;
Heaven, rounding the Way of Life–

Til the circle is full.