“Most Americans who follow politics probably understand — at least on a subconscious level — why Hillary Clinton took $3.15 million in speaking fees from Wall Street banks in 2013, and why she thought nothing of it at the time. Clinton was just doing what all the other high-profile current and former politicians in Washington do. And since Clinton does not perceive the cultural norms of Washington, D.C., as inherently corrupt, she couldn’t possibly foresee the blowback her speeches might cause. The fact that these norms allow politicians to charge six-figure speaking fees to kiss the you-know-whats of Wall Street bankers and then immediately turn around and attack those bankers from the stump is the ugly business of politics, too complicated and depressing for the idealistic and naive minds of regular folk.

“Far too many Democratic politician implicitly accept a political culture that allows this type of cynicism to blossom, unwilling or unable to consider the longer-term consequences that their behavior might have on the trust American voters place on the system more broadly.”

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