“My friends in the suburbs were taught all the correct center-left late-’90s notions of racism: They were taught the history, they learned how to affect a position of compassion and concern, they learned what not to say. I’m not attempting to suggest they were being dishonest, but I think their education itself was: An all-white suburban school district that teaches its students about equality in a blatantly, hypocritically unequal school will accomplish little beyond raising a generation of self-satisfied liberals wholly unprepared to deal with the continued reality of racism that pervades the world around them. This kind of education only makes racism more invisible than it was before.

“We’re left with a world where white liberals often don’t see racism at all. We’ve raised a generation of potential ‘allies’ who don’t seem to understand why minorities are so upset with the current status quo, and whose own experiences profoundly undersell the pervasiveness of racism today. We should work instead to engender a new generation of allies who aren’t protected from the ugliness and truth of our society’s deeper racism, and are allowed to confront it uncritically.”

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