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TimToke“Whatever marginal skills at capoeira I’d gained from Harrison earlier in the evening were long gone. I was also way too high to really commit to kicking this total stranger. If I’d been sparring with Harrison again, self-consciousness and embarrassment likely would have inspired some real effort. As it stood, I was far more concerned with avoiding the swinging legs of the stoned participants energetically kicking all around me. Maybe this is why there aren’t more 420 Fight Clubs, I mused. After I’d done my kicks, I made some lame excuse and faked taking blurry pictures of the group to escape the trajectory of his shoe. Call me a coward, if you must.

“However awkward I felt, the commitment and dedication the group brings to bear is admirable. For people who were this high, they really knew the issues and were able to articulate them clearly, particularly when it came to the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act (MRTA), the holy grail of the legalization cause in New York that is expected to be put to a vote early next year. (During the event, Harrison dedicated a sizable joint to State Senator Liz Krueger, the MRTA’s sponsor, before sparking up.)”

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