“Under any circumstances, the death of eighteen year old Michael Brown would have been a senseless tragedy. Even if his biggest detractors were correct in their ugly perception of him, the drug-addled thief of their churlish fever dreams, his death at the tender age of eighteen was horrible and unnecessary. And for the people of Ferguson, MO — overwhelmingly minorities but policed by a group of men and women overwhelmingly white — some measure of justice, a genuine attempt to right the wrong of his untimely death, would likely help start the long process of healing the deepest psychological wounds that his shooting has caused.

“Unfortunately, standing in the way of that reckoning  – beyond what looks like foot-dragging on the part of local and state officials — is the fact that we’ll never really know what happened that fateful afternoon. The alleged witnesses and Ferguson locals will have their story, and the police will have theirs, but there will be no final arbiter who can speak with unimpeachable authority about what transpired that day.

“It didn’t have to be this way. Locked away, the Ferguson police department is hoarding a stock of ‘Body Worn Cameras’ (BWC’s) that could have answered these questions before they ever arose. Only problem? The Ferguson P.D. ‘have yet to deploy them to officers.'”

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