In the beginning was the Way:
All things issue from it,
All things return to it.
To find the origin,
Trace back the manifestations.
That the children resemble the mother;
That one cannot exist without the other.

Embrace life!
The mother will be your guardian,
Her creation will be your guide.
Close your mind in judgment,
Traffic in desires,
And your heart will be troubled.
Keep from judgment,
Stop following the senses,
And your heart will be free.

Seeing into darkness is clarity.
Knowing when to yield is strength.
The sun, in all its glory, reveals but a passing world.
Only the inner light illuminates eternity.
Only the inner light will guide us home.

Return to the source of light:
Be aware of your own awareness.
On the darkest nights, you will not stumble;
On the brightest days, you will not blink.
And while the wind still blows,
What is centered stays.