“When liberals are being critical of cops, the criticism is largely directed at the institution itself, with its habit to overreach its authority and protect its own from prosecution whenever possible. It’s an institution that generally bristles at the mere suggestion that oversight is needed (rather than, say, acknowledging oversight as a crucial element of any system that bequeaths exceptional power upon individuals). The legal power to take another person’s life surely merits objective accountability, despite what our friends at the Fraternal Order might tell us. Cops are people – just as fragile and flawed as the rest of us.

“When we are critical of cops, then, we’re not attempting to shit-talk your cousin, friend, sister or parent who’s worked on the force for years and represents its best characteristics. We’re criticizing a system that reflexively defends itself from any and all complaint with platitudes intended to shut down debate — such as ‘not all cops are bad.'”

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