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  1. Having read your article in Salon about how you “Craved justice” and hoped for Officer Wilson indictments, I am curious; do writers ever follow up stories with mea culpas? Does craving justice also extend to Officer Wilson? If you took the time to read through the CONSIDERABLE amount of evidence that now clears Officer Wilson, would you be willing to “put yourself out there”…admit that your narrative was misguided, and crave justice for Wilson/Police?

    1. A grand jury isn’t a trial. Plenty of journalists, attorneys and civil rights experts have written long and well-considered pieces explaining why the non-indictment of Darren Wilson was a craven manipulation of our justice system by prosecutor Bob McCulloch, largely shirking his duties for the state to secure an indictment of Wilson. So no. I will not. I still crave justice in the murder of Michael Brown.

  2. Tim, do you actually believe that you writing the stuff you do about whites is going to improve race relations? What’s the point of it? Minorities already believe that whites hate them and all you’re doing is stoking the fire. I’m white with many white friends. None of them treat non-whites any different. You got to understand that all groups of people have prejudicial tendencies. When you write a polarizing article like you do, it will not help race relations, but only make them worse. Do you think that when race violence happens in this country that minorities are going to stop themselves from kicking your ass because you wrote an article on a website that makes you sound like you’re on their side? They won’t even know who you are. To them you’re just another racist white boy. You got white skin, and they’ll judge you by how you look. If you have a little white child, do you think think that minorities will relent from kicking your child’s ass at school because they’re daddy wrote an article supporting them? They would never know that. It’s stupid white people like you that are the real cause of racism in this country. You think you are doing some great service, but you’re actually the cause of the division. It’s not racist white people or angry racist black people who are keeping racism alive. It’s stupid pussy white people who only say good things about minorities because they think minorities will like them and vote for their candidate in the fall. You’re the type of guy who would be somebody’s bitch in prison because you’d be afraid of everyone in there so you would brown nose your way around.

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